Below are client experiences with Wellness ReSolutions and/or  Stronger UBoth are recommended by MM Team Fitness as professional resources that in addition to fitness coaching, have taken clients lives to another level. 


I have been working with Dr. Stafford’s office for 14 months.  My primary concern was the time required to fully take advantage of their services, knowing this wasn’t just one office visit.  I was also skeptical with the results I would see, after all I live a healthy lifestyle so what difference will this really make?   I decided to take this step primarily because my energy and focus throughout the day was dismal.  

Looking back, I regret not taking this step much sooner.  The hormone balancing has shown me how “good” can really feel.  I didn’t appreciate how poorly I was living each day, for years, until I experienced how great I could feel.  This process takes time, and for someone who isn’t patient, I am grateful I stuck with it.  My energy levels are much higher and sustained throughout the entire day.   I have gained 2 hours of productive time each day.  Where previously I would crash in the early evening, now I am still very productive and that has enabling me to accomplish much more in a given day, leaving more time for me to do the things I enjoy doing.  My mental clarity and focus is at a level not experienced in years.  My progress in the gym continues to improve as does my body composition whereas previously I felt stuck regardless of what I did with diet and exercise.  The work of Dr. Stafford’s office has become a critical component of the improvements in my overall quality of life. 

- Female, early 40's.

I've lost 50 lbs since December of 2015, 36 of those pounds were since April of 2018. I am now for the first time, below 40% body fat. The recent changes began with Wellness ReSolutions, the tests I received from Dr. Stafford's office showed that I was not producing testosterone. Both my gynecologist and rheumatologist were against the idea of me going on testosterone because they were worried about how it would affect my body since I am taking a biologic for autoimmune arthritis. Dr Stafford's office did not have this same concern and I decided to try it for 3 months and have now been on it since April 2018. The testosterone has increased my energy level and my sex drive, both of which were really lacking prior to treatment. I get regular blood tests for the biologic I take and I have not had any of the side effects that my gynecologist and rheumatologist were concerned about.

In addition, I began taking metformin in April 2018 that eliminated the nasty sugar cravings I get and that has been a game changer. They are not completely gone, but no longer obsessive. Along with Wellness ReSolutions I started StrongerU.com 10 weeks ago. The daily support along with counting macros vs just looking at calories was huge! I changed my relationship with food. I now look at food as a fuel, not something to make myself feel better when I am sad, lonely, or happy. My body needs consistent fuel and I can make myself feel better emotionally with different things like workouts, hobbies, and friends.

Lastly, I am rock solid consistent with exercise. I go even when I don't feel like it, there are no excuses.

- Female, early 40's.

I starting working with Wellness Resolutions in early 2018 to address potential vitamin deficiencies, hormone concerns, sleep, and stress and anxiety related problems. After an in-depth discussion and review of my medical history and labs, they were able to come up with a plan that addressed all of these issues and concerns.

Prior to working with Wellness Resolutions, I would have said I felt ‘fine’. There was nothing really wrong with me, I didn’t feel bad but I didn’t necessarily feel great either. My regular doctor told me everything was normal on my labs and there was nothing wrong with me. How I functioned in my day-to-day life to me was normal. After talking to other clients of Wellness ReSolutions and seeing the positive impact of the program, I decided to at least get the labs done with a follow up with a consult.

After my lab results and consultation, I was given a plan and once I was on board, my treatment started and I felt better almost immediately. Today, I have better mental clarity, I am more focused, and my anxiety level is down. My libido is definitely up. Sex is considerably more desirable now whereas before, I could take it or leave it. I’ve been married for over 20 years and I am so thankful for this re-awaking.   An unexpected result I would have never considered, is my ability to handle stressful events head on and not hesitate to tackle problems or uncomfortable situations that I would have otherwise avoided .

I’ve gone from an anxious and more timid mind set to being more assertive, a feeling of confident calm. I am much more productive now.   This has been especially helpful in my work life and recent job promotion.   Physically, I have more stamina.   My energy is higher and lasts longer and I am able to get through difficult physical tasks and workouts without feeling utterly drained, and still have energy remaining for the rest of the day or evening. I feel strong. My quality of sleep has improved as well. I have experienced few if any side effects, and continue to be amazed at the positive impact this has had in multiple facets of my life. At first I was skeptical and wondered if this would be effective, cause side-effects or be worth my time and money. For me, it has been a life changing event, well worth it and I have no interest in ever going back to just feeling ‘fine’. I like the enhanced quality of life I now enjoy.

- Female early 40's.

For a few years I dealt with severe issues related to what I ultimately found out to be gut health through the assistance of Wellness Resolutions.    I had lived abroad for a bit in less than ideal living conditions and, upon my return to the United States, I began to get chronically ill with unusual viral and bacterial infections nearly every month. In addition, I was gaining weight, not seeing results with workouts, could not focus (brain fog), my libido was nonexistent and had constant allergic reactions or eczema breakouts.   I had gone to 11 doctors in total only to hear the same answers repeatedly such as “your immune system isn’t good” and “you have a lot of allergies causing stress to your immune system”…vague explanations with no willingness to answer ‘WHY’ or find an actual solution. After ignoring Mark’s suggestion to go to Wellness Resolutions (frankly, due to the out of pocket upfront costs), I finally scheduled an appointment . For the first time dealing with these issues, I felt like I was being heard. Previous doctors focused on individual symptoms and failed to view the whole picture and/or ignored the specific details I provided such as having traveled abroad under poor conditions. After bloodwork, we found many things out of whack that could be addressed immediately (testosterone, thyroid, vitamin deficiencies). Some of those indicators helped identify gut absorption issues so a GI mapping was done which ultimately lead us to the root cause of everything I had been dealing with. In short, we learned that my gut biome was under attack from parasites and bacteria I had been exposed to that other doctors refused or did not know to test for. We focused on treatment to remove the cause of my malfunctioning gut and free up capacity to fight illness that entered the body. To say my experience with Wellness Resolutions has been life altering for me is an understatement.

Once my gut began to heal, I continued to struggle losing weight. I felt like I knew what to do but was having a hard time doing it. In addition, I am a bit of a perfectionist so when I do not have specifics (such as eat 135g of protein per day) I am not successful and needed helping breaking out of that. A friend began using StrongerU.com and had great success yet didn’t seem miserable doing it so I decided to try it. In 9 months I have dropped 12% body fat which is awesome but the truly amazing part about it is I have done so while working long hours, vacationing, going out to dinner with friends, having drinks on occasion and overall living a normal life. 6 other friends have used or began using them and have also seen marked success. I don’t tend to be a group/joiner type person but their online Facebook community is unbelievable. People share personal success stories daily from small to large scale, post recipes and ask questions. Coaches and clients interact regularly and it is always a respectful and helpful environment…the owner won’t accept less). Even if you choose not to be active, just reading the posts are motivating and help keep focus. Next, they are far from a one size fits all type company. Each coach is hand selected for each client based on needs (yo yo dieter, extensive weight loss, eating disorders, health issues, etc). Each coach is available nearly round the clock by text or phone for guidance or assistance. Also, you choose what you want to eat and determine how much based on the parameters provided for carbohydrates, proteins and fat…eat in, out, on vacation, etc. You work with your coach weekly to change those as needed to foster results…whether that means changing the numbers or helping you determine better food choices over time. Finally, the goal of the program is for you to eat as much food as possible while reaching your weight goals or maintaining your results. One area I feel they excel in more than any other program is teaching the transition from trying to cut weight (or gain if that is what is needed) to how to maintain weight long term. Whether exercise, health issues or nutrition, change won’t come unless you actively participate but these are 2 great resources to help along the way. 

- Female, early 40's


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