Key Word  Definition
 Abduction  Away from the midline
 Alt  Alternating
 AltX  Alternate Exercise
 AMRAP  As many reps as possible
 AOUW  Any one you want
 AWUW/AWYW  Any way you want
 C  Clean
 C2  Concept 2 Rower
 Crazy Bells  KBs hung on a bar with bands
 Curtis P  Clean, lunge both legs, OH press
 DB  Dumbbell
 Dead KB Clean  KB cleaned with a straight pull
 DL  Deadlift
 Dmax  Dynamax Ball
 Drop Set  Repeated sets with decreasing weight
 F Walk  Farmer's Walk
 GHD  Glute Ham Developer
 Hike KB Clean  Starts in a hike position and swing to clean
 HSPU  Hand Stand Push Up
 Inverted KB  KB is downside up
 JC Bands  Band Sets with handles
 JR  Jump Rope
 KB  Kettlebell
 KB Waiters Grip  Holding the KB in a cup grip
 Lat Bar  Wide Bar Lat Pulldowns
 Lateral  Out to the side
 MB  Medicine Ball
 Meadows Row  Wide Bar Row w/landmine
 Neutral  Palms Facing Eachother
 OH  Overhead
 P  Press
 Pistol  One leg squat
 Plate Royale  Plate pushers on the floor
 PP  Push Press
 Pronated   Palms Down Grip
 PU  Pushup
 RDL  Romanian Deadlift
 Reebok  Reebok Board
 ROM   Range of Motion
 ROT  Rotatation
 RPE  Rating of perceived exertion
 SandB  Sand Ball or Slam Ball
 SB  Swiss Ball
 SS  Split Squat
 Sumo  Wide Stance
 Supinated  Palms Up Grip
 SwB  Swiss Ball
 Swing KB Clean  Rack position to swing back to rack
 TGU   Turkish Get Up
 Trap Bar  Triangle Shaped 52 lb bar
 Tri Bar  Wing Shaped Triceps Pressdown Bar
 TRX  TRX Strap
 TRX Rip  TRX Rip Trainer (bar)
 VS  Valslide
 WOD  Workout of the day
 WU  Warm Up

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