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Q: What is the format of MM Team Training?

A: I generally default to the term "functional" when I describe team programming broadly. Functional in that what the client does in the gym transfers well to what the client does outside the gym during activities of daily living and recreational sports.  The programming is a hybrid of more commonly known methods of exercise training. We deadlift, squat and bench press, but we are not Powerlifters. We push sleds, climb ropes, swing kettlebells, row, work on rings, flip tires and swing sledgehammers, but we are not Crossfitters. We use some machines and isolated joint movements but we are not bodybuilders. We incorporate cardiovascular work but we are not endurance athletes. More specifically the programming can be described as "concurrent training" where adaptations in both strength and endurance (general fitness) is the desired outcome. 

Q: How is this different from the 1990's style of training?

A: In the 1990's the goal was coming to the gym and doing the workout. It was about pumped arms and washboard abs glistening with sweat. Now the goal is to make life better and the workout is simply a tool to enhance the client's life, it is not the goal itself. The workout isn't the client's hobby or passion anymore, there isn't time and priorities have changed. People still want to look good, some may still want pumped arms and abs, but feeling and move better is the higher priority. They want value and have little time to spend in the gym. Life is their passion, and functional training enhances life.

Q: What is team training?

A: Team training involves a number of clients working together in sub-groups with similar goals and abilities. The number in a team varies but is generally between 5 and 8 participants per session. Team training creates a synergy from people training together. It's far more fun and believed by most industry experts to provide an overall better fitness experience and outcome. Most importantly, it is motivational long-term. If you're a group person, you are much more likely to look forward to the experience than dread another workout solo.

Q: Many of the people in your pictures look so fit, is this style of training too much for a beginner?


A: This is one of the most difficult challenges from a marketing perspective. In most cases, what you see is the end result of years of team training, these clients didn't start out looking or functioning the way they appear in the pictures and/or videos and not everyone will get to, or wants to get to the level of fitness you see in some of these clients. Having said that, I want potential clients to know that what may seem impossible now, is likely well within the realm of possibilities. You take the program to the level of your own choosing and we (coaches and teams) make sure you don't exceed your limitations. Remaining injury free and motivated are the keys of long term success. 

Q: What is the training program like?

A: The full program is 3 days per week.  The routines are varied, challenging and exciting, and they are scaled to just about anyone's abilities and physical capacity. The goal is to get you in the best shape of your life and allow you to have time to have a life. The programming includes exercise progressions and periodization for long-term results.

Q: Who are teammates?

A:  The average age is about 48 and roughly split 50/50, female and male, respectively. The workouts are scaled for individual goals and needs, and clients are sub-grouped accordingly. I train recreational and competitive athletes, clients looking for a high level of physical conditioning, to lose weight and tone up. We also work with pregnant and older clients some with medical limitations.  Most are active baby boomers that describe themselves as like-minded, goal oriented professionals in life who want to be physically capable of enjoying their retirement years. 

Q: What kind of results can I expect?

A: Depends upon your genetics, dietary intake, physical limitations and the effort and consistency you put into the workouts. 

Q: What are the benefits of team training?

  • Provides social support for a healthy lifestyle that oftentimes isn't found within the client's family, co-workers and/or circle of friends
  • Promotes a healthy, motivating, supportive and energetic exercise environment
  • Promotes long-term participation and is very cost effective
  • It's alot of fun and something to look forward to every week!

Q: How long will it take to see results?

A: Generally 3 months, while progress in strength, balance, coordination and muscle endurance continue over many months to years. 

Q: What will the first few weeks be like?

A: Exciting, energizing and motivating. Very different than anything else you've ever experienced in a fitness facility and it's always fun.

Q: How do I know if group training is right for me?

A: I recommend talking to any of my clients regarding their experiences to guide your decision. I can provide email contact information or you may arrange a time to meet with them at the gym after observing a team training session. Many have been clients for years. If you are team ready, I offer a free 30 day trial including the gym membership. Give us a try and see what you think.

Q: Is there something I should do before I consider training with you?

A: We meet and do an assessment with a simple movement screening. I don't measure your bodyfat, put you on a scale or take before pictures. The assessment tells me the best way to start your journey toward a healthier life. If necessary, we spend some time over several weeks to months working on the basic skills (on-boarding) required to move into the groups and develop a basic level of conditioning. An MM Team trainer will work with you individually or within a team session to make the transition a seamless positive experience. I call it "soft touch" on-boarding.

Q: Do I need a Metro Fitness membership to train with you?

A: No, we offer day passes ($5/visit), however a site only membership is the most cost effective option for training more than 4 times a month.

Q: How do I sign-up.

A: Send an email with contact info and we will be in touch within 24 hrs. We do not solicit or engage in pressure sales tactics. Our goal is customer service and satisfaction. 

Q: How do I interpret the on-line schedules?

A: The on-line schedule is a template. The slots with names in them are team training sessions, one-on-one, on-boarding, assessments are by appointment.



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