About the MM Weight Loss and Performance Nutrition Program 

MM Nutrition uses an established science based approach designed to help you understand and practice a sensible and balanced nutritional intake for either weight loss and/or to optimize performance goals (function and/or appearance). Our focus is on sound nutrition and lifestyle change for long term health and fitness, one step at a time. We don't believe in supplements, cleanses and other short-term quick fixes or kick start programs for weight loss because they are rarely effective long term.

The first step in the process is to schedule a 30 min body composition assessment at The Ohio State University with Dr Jackie Buell, Director of Sports Nutrition. Dr Buell uses an instrument called an iDXA that scans the entire body and measures three key components of body composition (muscle, fat and bone). Unlike other devices used to measure body composition, the iDXA is very accurate, gives the participant regional body composition measures (arms, legs, trunk, right/left), and most importantly, multi-site bone density measurements to detect early changes in bone density that can lead to osteoporosis, even in men (click on iDXA images below to enlarge). Dr Buell will then discuss current dietary intake, lifestyle and medical history, and make recommendations/additional professional referrals along with scheduled follow-ups.

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While scale weight matters for issues such as acute  hydration changes following a long run in the heat, it does not distinguish between changes in muscle and fat mass, and bone density, only total body mass. Muscle occupies less volume per pound than fat, therefore it is possible to remain weight stable and drop clothing sizes. In fact, some clients gain weight and still drop sizes. Most importantly, the weight loss process can result in a loss of bone density. Tracking and prevention is critical to maintain healthy bones especially in older women.

To schedule an iDXA, RMR, other testing or nutritional consultation, call (614) 293-3600 to set up an appt. with Dr Buell.  For the iDXA you will need a prescription from your doctor that states, “iDXA for body composition and bone density”. Come to the lab with clothes that do not have metal in or on them. You will get further instructions once you are scheduled. The current cost is $50 (no insurance submissions).





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