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Posted by on in Main

"Matt K crushed it with a 6.06"

If you want to know what it would take to beat that number, take your body mass in kg (lbs/2.2) and multiple it by 6.07. That will give you the avg watts you need to top Matts number. Lots of PRs set the past couple days, great job with one of the toughest WODs in the file.


Avg Mean Relative Power



Nate L






Chris A












Bill G




Chris G




Dave O.














Scott G.


Chris K
















Tod W




























Cathy T












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"Should Fitness Hurt? It depends."  

Link to the article


This one is subject to broad interpretation, please read the article first. I look at Karen’s FB cover picture and she’s ass to ankle squatting 135 (maybe 125 if that’s a ladies bar) with chains. Scott from Extreme Fitness, employs extreme fitness as a training modality. Is MMA training or fighting painless? Is any level of conditioning risk free from injury and when combined with activities of daily living, will never result in overuse issues? People may look at this and think, well if there is any kind of pain, it must be bad for you. In fact, that concept is becoming more prevalent in the minds of many people that go to fitness facilities. We are seeing it in club surveys. The key is, what kind of pain and when?

Certainly if you vomit after or during the WOD on a regular basis, it’s over the top. Does it happen, once in a while but it is never the goal and causes are multi-factorial. Simply eating something different before moderate intensity exercise can send you to the toilet. Level of conditioning is important as well. What used to put my stomach on edge for an hour after a leg WOD on Sunday now leaves me gratified and feeling fine. Does pulling the sled backward cause pain in my quads, absolutely, a lot of pain, but it lasts about 10 seconds post exercise and I’m fine. This is very different than injury pain. In fact, my personal WODs are more painful now than at any other time in my life, but the pain is simply ischemia in the working muscle or from sucking air, not lasting joint or tendon pain/injury except for arthritis pain that I have to live with as I get older.

Should anyone be taking any movement especially a skill movement to the point of total failure with poor form? No, only an idiot trainer would let that happen but in many current facilities, it is encouraged, in fact competitions built around it. If you’re limping around the next day after a WOD from anything other than moderate but not extreme DOMS, either your trainer is an idiot or you are for not communicating with your trainer during the WOD or knowing your limitations. Is debilitating pain always a function of extreme conditioning, not always. Look at runners who believe that more low intensity miles are better, many are walking train wrecks yet their heart rates rarely exceed 75% HRmax on LSD runs.

Lastly, I think of what life throws at you. Last year on vacation I had to paddle a kayak out of a strong current with a young lad in tow who thought he could swim the Bahia Honda Channel without a vest or fins. Took me about 5 minutes of balls out paddling to get us to safety, could I have done that without the numerous times I’ve come close to hurling after C2 intervals, nope. The young lad would have likely drowned because it took the coast guard about 30 minutes to respond. The three stooges dive tour with Ocean Divers provided a similar opportunity to test the waters so to speak. Unloaded a full boat of most certainly non-CrossFitters in very strong current, before the boat crew figured it out, everyone was in total panic as they were being towed away from the boat despite their best efforts to get back. Dawn my girlfriend, a competitive Cross Fitter was the only one to get back to the boat without use of the rope. We both stayed out of the panicking mob and observed a giant grouper that was hanging out in the area watching all the humans that screw with his habitat on a regular basis come close to drowning. I’m sure the sharks weren’t far off waiting the fattest and most sedentary snorkeler to have a heart attack and drift off amongst the chaos, for their mid-afternoon snack.

Easy fit is fine if that is what rings your bell, but being ready for anything in life is my preference and it’s how I train my clients. I’m sometimes mocked by the easy fitters when I’m on the floor with my clients and that’s fine, I guess you have come up with something to justify why you do what you do, and perhaps even pay money for it. From my perspective, if you’re going to experience a negative cardiac event because of a near max effort, better it be in a facility with a defibrillator than 100 meters away from the boat in open ocean where no one is paying attention. In the end, it’s about knowing your clients’ limitations and your clients knowing their limitations, expectations, and choosing the right coach with the understanding that, s**t still happens in and most often, out of the gym.


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Great life stories video by a number of over the age of 50, CrossFit participants.

"If I miss this for more than a day or two, I feel like I've taken something away that I need to put back". By Bill Delpizzo age 54, who was hospitalized first for herniated disc in his back, then a pulmonary emboli. Had to do something to transform his life, he chose CrossFit.

mp4 version video
wmv version video
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Posted by on in Main

"Thanks for showing up!"

As one of the group said after the WOD, "it really sucked getting out of bed this morning".

The choice is yours and yours alone.


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"Addy and Trese"

I started Addy and Trese in the program before Christmas with one-on-one to get them up to speed. Just when we were ready to transition to groups, Addy slipped on steps at home and fractured her ankle. In a boot, on crutches and will likely need surgery. Works as an ER nurse, varying shifts, drives in from Grove City. We have to continue with adaptive, one-on-one training until she can become weight bearing. Friends told her to drop out, why go through the hassle of trying to get around on crutches, wait until the ankle heals. Her response, “that’s bullshit, I committed to get in shape, that’s what I’m going to do”. Hasn't missed one session since she started, always shows up 10 minutes early.

Trese, well the level of adversity in her life makes most other excuses I've heard to drop out or miss sessions seem pretty lame. Only session she missed to date was to attend the funeral of her 38 yr old step daughter who lost a battle with cancer. There's more but you get the picture. Had considered quitting, chose not to.

Life is real, how you react to it is what defines you as a person.


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Posted by on in Main


Have to check out the FB post "Watts" to see who now wears the bulls eye!


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Most people don't strive to be better than average. Mediocrity is just good enough for most. – Erik Leden

Over the past 17 years as a fitness coach, no one has ever come to me for training and said, “I’m just looking to be average or mediocre”. If they did, then I recommended that they pay another trainer more. MM Team Fitness is not for them, it’s not our culture.

Yet, I see some clients repeatedly struggle to be, by their own doing, the best they can be within their genetics and physical limitations. The purpose of this blog is to summarize the key variables beyond the right ATTITUDE to be the best you can be. If you’re good where you are, that’s great but if you ever wonder if you could be better, then consider what I've briefly describe below. These key points represent a compilation of everything that comes to mind that can limit ones transformation potential. Some are simple fixes, others more challenging, some outside the scope of what is feasible and it is understandable given the issues many face. Take a look at what I discuss below, even one of the easy fixes could make a big difference!

Consistently train 3d/wk. For some, schedules make it very difficult but most top transformers will figure out a way to make it work. Budget is the only reason besides a physical limitation that should preclude a client from training 3d/wk. If its just not within your budget I understand, however if you tell me that you can’t afford that third day and in the next sentence tell the group how much fun you had partying with your friends in Chicago the past weekend, you should reassess your priorities if being a top transformer IS one of those priorities. Until you’ve trained all three days consistently (+1 yr), you won’t understand how the program works, its benefits and the various components that interact to optimize performance, function, flexibility, endurance, cardiovascular fitness and overall health. I have clients that can’t currently train three days a week because of a chronic injury and now realize how much it sucks, and how it negatively impacts other aspects of their lives beyond the physical component (energy, feeling of well being, self-esteem, etc.). Clearly, you have to live within your means, but if you’re not the best you want to be and are not training 3d/wk or picking up the 3rd day on your own consistently with the same focus you would with the group, then you are missing a key component of the transformational process.

Dietary intake. There are several basic catagories that most clients fall into: 1) optimized individual nutrition requirements, 2) not eating enough calories in general, 3)  poor macro nutrient composition (too many carbs and not enough protein), 4) poor meal timing or skipping meals then overconsuming, and 5) a regular intake of crap. Crap defined as something that comes pre-packaged, is a junk snack or in simple terms, a regular diet of pizza, soda or alcohol, fast food/bar food or regular evening snacking on ANYTHING especially junk for emotional gratification or out of boredom. If you’re sporting a muffin top or gut, performance sucks more often than not, you’re sick all the time, generally feel like crap mentally and physically, but are otherwise free of known disease, a crap diet is the problem.

The more insidious form of dietary destruction comes from simply not eating enough. If you struggle with strength and performance and have no clue how many calories you consume, the macro composition of what you consume or why nutrient timing is crucial, less than optimal performance is inevitable. The same goes with an obsession over leanness. The fastest way to become a smaller fatter person is chronic dietary restriction and skipping meals. This leads to poor performance, chronic illness, emotional instability and impaired quality of life. Those with the mind over matter mindset ultimately find out that matter wins and by that time serious metabolic damage has occurred that takes months to years to fix. If you have dietary questions, attend the Jan 19th seminar.

Nutritional Supplements. Whey protein, caffeine, creatine monohydrate, beta-alanine, fish oil and a multi-vit/min. KISS principle. No cleansing, thermos, or exotic products with labels printed so small you need a microscope to read the proprietary blend of ingredients we know nothing about and hopefully won’t do much more from a health perspective than give you expensive urine.

Post Workout Recovery Drink. 12 – 16 oz of chocolate milk with about 10g of Whey added or a 1:2-3 PRO:CHO drink RIGHT after the WOD, then follow it up with a balanced meal composed of real food. This one is so simple yet so important.

Old School Neanderthal Training or Fear of Getting Big. I wanna go heavy, I wanna go heavy every session and to failure every set! Form what form? I want to lift more weight! This is the ultimate fast track to mediocrity, injury and burnout. The strongest guys and ladies in the world rarely train to failure during the strength phase of the workout and always with good form. If your form sucks and ROM is ¼th of what is should be, check your ego, fix the form and ROM before considering heavier weight. Every week someone is setting a new PR in strength and/or endurance moves, tells me the programming works just fine. On the flip side, if you scamper through the workout fearing that you'll resemble a genetically altered farm animal if you hit it hard, you'll never achieve your potential. Big has more to do with bodyfat than muscle mass. Lose the fat, keep the muscle. 

Progress Takes Time. Learning an Olympic lift, even a power clean takes several months to a year, same with basic KB moves. If you screw up, you’ll sustain a serious injury, I guarantee it. There are videos and PDFs that cover the basics on the website, you also have to practice and manage your fear of failure, or you will fail and/or get injured. Focus is essential; being “goofy or giddy” as I describe it during a skill set is ill advised. Check your performance anxieties and insecurities, and focus on the tast at hand. As Arnold said in T3, “anger is more useful than despair”. It is clear that when I get someone’s head wrapped around a movement, they set a new PR with perfect form and walk away feeling really good about themself. Also understand that if you come to me and say, "I wanna try that", and I say, "no", it is because you are not ready. You'll get over the emotional pain much faster than the potential pain of injury that could result if I let you try something you are not ready for. Lastly, we perform OLs and KB work on Fri/Sat, if you want to learn how to power clean and use KBs, Fri/Sat is a must. There will be WODs outside of Fri/Sat where we use these skills, I can't teach them at that time, you will have to modify.

Be Patient. I see clients try to get it right on the first try, first week or even first month. They keep trying and trying until it looks like they are having a grand mal seizure, ultimately collapsing on the floor in exhaustion and despair. It takes months to years to get it right. Hit a few reps and move on, repetition with good form goes a lot further than pounding a set to exhaustion with bad form.

Know Your Limitations. For some of us, including myself, we have anatomical limitations that if we try to exceed, serious injury will result. Improvement is always possible, but once you hit a structural limitation, some movements may simply need to be modified. No way around it, be good with it if you want to stay in the game.

Gear. Wrist wraps and ankle socks. Have to use them if you don't want wrist problems or rope burns, respectively. We do so many moves that stress the wrists, protect them.

Too Much Cardio. This one is like the myth that you have to run mega-mile weekly s to be a good middle distance (13.1) runner. Some of the top transformers do very little additional cardio, 1 – 2 days per week of something fun and healthy social (spin class, Zumba, 4- 5 mi run, kick boxing, some intervals). Add in a yoga class for flexibility. Most importantly, if you add in cardio or are an endurance athlete (runner or cycling), make sure you cover the caloric needs and time your training appropriately with the WODs. Spinning or a 10 mi run before heavy legs is not a good idea.

Mobility and Flexibility. If pain limits ROM, see one of my sports med referrals and take care of it. The less you move, the less you will move until a scooter is the only option. If you try to ignore an injury or chronic pain, at some point the pain will force change, by that time you will have been compensating in so many different ways you have many more structural and functional problems, and pain to try and fix.

Minor Injuries. Tell me about them before they become major because if you don’t deal with them as soon as you notice that twinge or ache, they will get worse and put you out of training.

Be Careful Outside the Gym. Most injuries to clients occur outside the gym. Something as seemly benign as painting a ceiling can cause a shoulder impingement that takes months to resolve and can put you out of upper body training. Repetitive movements cause many of the shoulder and elbow problems. Getting totally drunk after playing 18 holes and rolling a golf cart, well that is a special kind of stupid. What many clients fail to consider is the cost of injury. If you have a high deductible and need an MRI and treatment, it gets really expensive.

Recovery. Do the best you can. Work, kids, family obligations all limit sleep and contribute to stress. The better you manage it, the better you'll feel, you'll be sick less often and perform better.

Communication. If you are having issues with anything related to training, call or set up a time to talk. NO EMAILS other than to set up a time to talk. Several minutes of face to face or phone time will resolve any problem. Drama filled, million key stroke emails are a waste of time and energy, and create more problems than they solve. Don’t let emotions dictate your decision making, and DO NOT wait until whatever is bothering or stressing you turns into an emotional thunderstorm, that will ALWAYS lead to a poor decision longer term. 

Top Transformers, anything I'm missing? Please comment.


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Posted by on in Main

White Board Event Data for the Metabolic Mayhem WOD

It was an exceptional workout, mix of old school strength and metabolic conditioning. Lots of action pictures on Facebook.


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"Cathy T."

Cathy turned 55 this year, been training with us consistently for over a decade, can do things her friends can no longer do. She gets under a bar during a squat clean in the blink of an eye, never thought that would ever be possible again in her lifetime and certainly helps if she slips on ice. No long stories here, just a picture with some yellow lines. She'd be good in rural China waiting for a bus and a few other things. Wasn't that way when she started years ago. Bottom line: Never take an anatomically correct full squat position for granted, it's something we're born with and lose quickly sitting at a desk all day, some may never get it back. Always respect and maintain it if you still have it. Work at it if you can't, within your limitations, because without hip mobility the lower back and knees will be history long before you are, and the beneficiaries of this will be the US Health Care System and Scooter Store.


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"Fri/Sat WOD Posted"

Will be doing weighted dips on bars, no rings, strength emphasis. Single KB high pulls (new). Bring the right attitude, C&C (carbs and caffeine), its going to be a good one!


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"The Top 5: Trese, Margaret, Maxine, Diane and Cathy T"

Yeah, bet you thought it was going to be the guy in the picture. Nope, I expect him to be fast, really fast, and he and others wear the bulls eye on their backs. Boasting about them is just blowing smoke up their skirts, not sure how Dan would look in a skirt but you get the idea. The real Top 5 are the ones who showed up. They couldn’t wait to put their names on the white board simply because they finished. Two of them brand new, older female clients. They didn’t tighten up faster than a python coiling around prey when I asked what they weighed, didn’t matter. Don’t care what others think about their performance time, weight or ranking, just proud to have their names on the board. At MM Team Fitness we don’t care how much you weigh, don’t care if you're sporting washboard abs, we just ask that you show up and give it your best on any given day. We don’t stand around and patronize you about how thin you look in your newest workout threads, unless it's new multi-colored CrossFit knee socks, then you’re hot. We won’t stand around and shed tears with you if you ate the extra teaspoon of peanut butter at midnight and completely blew your new diet. You’ll live, get over it. You only compete against who you choose, the ones that wear the bulls eye or yourself, we'll always cheer you on and support you in your personal quest for excellence. The only requisite to be part of MM Team Fitness is to show up. If you want less, you’ll have to pay someone else more.

Updated rankings are posted in the older blog.


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Posted by on in Main

Power Index for Plate Royales = [(Plate Mass/Body Mass)/(seconds/100)]

Some clients because of shoulder/back issues substituted 30 kcal on the bike for time. Names not listed.

Great job everyone!



Power Index








Chris A






Todd R






Kathy C



Tod W


















Dave O



Teri M






Chris K












Bill G































































Cathy T















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Intro Piece by Erik Leden from LBC

Most people don't strive to be better than average. Mediocrity is just good enough for most. Most people look at something they have to do and they simply set the bar too low - they do enough to get by, but not to excel, not to knock it out of the park. Excellence is not a skill; it's a CHOICE. It's also not perfection. It is not even striving for perfection.

It's the ATTITUDE that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Excellence is also a reputation - you become the person that people come to know strives to do everything well. It's a way of life; and we all get to choose if we will live in excellent fashion or not.

Be that much better. Set your bar higher. Do a little more. Try a little harder. Recommit.

I've said it before, but this sums it up nicely - don't set your goals high if you're not equally prepared to set your standards and expectations of yourself even higher.

Audrey has been working toward a body weight of 135 lbs since last Feb. Started at 188, weighed in yesterday at 140.8, down a little over 47 lbs. Lost 2 since early Dec. She attended 3 Thanksgiving and 5 Christmas functions with family and tables of high calorie food, never once gave in to temptation. Kept her head, checked her emotions, enjoyed the family functions but didn't blow it out. She like others chose to show up, could have used holiday gluttony as an excuse, family pressure, whatever, and didn't. Only trains with us 3d/wk and runs about 4 mi on the weekend. That's it. Came in second today in the power index with Plate Royales, second overall including the men. To lose 47 lbs and remain powerful is a very challenging endeavor. Anyone can cleanse, do countless hours of aerobics and live on green beans and tuna, perhaps add a little fairy dust to the mix and you'll look good, for a while. However, if you want to be good and stay good for life, that takes a person that shows up every day for them self and strives for excellence. Only you can set the standard for yourself, it's your choice.

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"Heavy Legs Notes for Wed/Thurs" 

Carb up and caffeinate for this one. LaPlate Royales will be the white board event. EVERYONE will use the south lane to keep it fair. Ladies 145 lbs, guys 200 lbs. Down and back for time. South Lane pictured here.


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Great Snatch Technique/Cues Tutorial 

All the basics by Doug Chapman, Owner of Hyperfit in Ann Arbor. This is one of the best boxes out there, got my CF cert there in 2010, completely changed my direction and thinking on training, best thing I ever did as a trainer, best move for all my clients.

mov version video
wmv version video



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is anyone intersted in training  for a half marathon? The Cap City half is May 4th. I am planning to work with Mark to develop a training plan that works with his workouts.  

Let me know if you are interested .Brenda Hampel 

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"The whiteboard is no fun anymore" - Eddie Kaiser

When you're at the top, there's only one place left to go. PRs are underlined. Everyone gave it 120%!


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The Results of Consistency and Perseverance 

About this time last year Marlene was roughly 4 weeks post-op for shoulder SLAP tear reconstruction in a sling. Took months to rehab before she could even begin to lift again. This morning she close grip benched 135 x 5 for three sets clean, a lifetime PR. No evidence of any imbalance despite months of disuse. Even when we lifted "old school" heavy with a good shoulder, the best she could muster was a couple reps. She showed up on all counts throughout 2012, today rewarded with a lifetime PR. Great job Marlene.


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Showing Up for Yourself: Part II

Nearly three years ago, Marine veteran Nicholas Thom came to CrossFit Rubicon without his legs and without some of his fingers. Eager to become a member......

Watch the video, it's about 30 min so settle in with a cup of coffee and pay attention. Next time you don't feel like "showing up" or have an excuse to fail, watch it again. This is reality.

mp4 version video
wmv version video


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Showing Up for Yourself

During the break I sorted through hundreds of videos from the past year. Found some previously unused footage and made a few stills for the new website gallery. What really impressed me as I reviewed the video were the phenomenal transformations I observed in a number of clients. For some it was 30+ lbs of fat loss, for others adding lean and reshaping their bodies, achieving numerous PRs in many events, and for most, significant improvement in function and mobility that transferred over to many activities in their daily lives. Truly transforming their lives in ways they never thought possible.

As I thought about the top transformers of the past year, I asked myself what the common thread was amongst this group that made the difference. Why did they change the most? Genetics, special supplements or diet, do these clients have more time than everyone else, carefree lives, what? 

A recent FB post by fitness coach Scott Abel came to mind stating that it all comes down to one common denominator, “the ability to show up for yourself when it really counts”. 

MM Team Fitness is very diverse, male, female, 22 – 60+ yrs of age, a variety of backgrounds, education, personalities and occupations. Many with several children, some single parents, considerable travel with professional careers, tons of stress, a drive of 40+ minutes to get to the gym, tight budgets, no time, short on sleep, physical/medical limitations, the list goes on. 

As I thought about all the challenging issues clients face, I realized that there was little association between the level of success in the top transformers and the level of adversity in their lives. Regardless of what many would consider insurmountable obstacles to success, the top transformers still figured out a way to make it work, and work beyond expectations. 

In fact, despite significant adversity the ones that excelled did so quietly. They never once asked why they weren’t making progress, only asked about ways to improve, never gave excuses for poor performance, chalked it up as a bad day and got over it. Never cited hardships in their lives as barriers to progress (and there were plenty behind the scenes), and communicated issues when they arose and sought immediate resolution before progress was impeded. They communicated and listened.

Every day when they got out of bed, sometimes for the 3rd time because of their sick or newborn children, or work, regardless of the adversity they faced when they opened their emails, they still “showed up.” They consistently managed adversity, learned from their mistakes, didn’t let emotions derail their progress, came in to the gym and gave it their best effort. They sacrified some of lifes luxuries (excess food and drink) to keep team coaching within their monthly budgets. They maintained a healthy dietary intake through stressful periods, did their homework, took advantage of all the information on the website, nutritional app, and networked with others who had learned to manage adversity and continue to move forward. When traveling they’d hit the hotel gym, pushups in their rooms, sprints in the hotel stair well after a long day of meetings or seminars. They surrounded themselves with positive social support and eliminated the negativity in their lives that was holding them back.  

In the end, showing up for yourself everyday is the most important thing you can do. MM Team Fitness provides all the tools for YOU to be a top transformer into whatever shape or form YOU choose. We don’t hold your hand, make the routines simple or easy, or blow wind up your shorts just to make you feel good about yourself when really, you could be doing better. You’ll have to pay someone else more for that. 

Failure like fear is a choice.  There will always be excuses for failure, in the end it was by choice. Choose wisely.


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3440 Heritage Club Drive,
Hilliard, OH 43026

Phone: (614) 850 - 0070