• Onboarding B 2017


  1. First review the website.
  2. We discuss by phone, your goals and why you are interested in Team Training. We also recommend that all new clients schedule an appointment with Dr Jackie Buell, Sports Nutritionist at The Ohio State University for an iDXA bone density scan and nutritional consult.
  3. We schedule a 30 - 40 min assessment of basic movements. If during your assessment any of the movements cause pain or there are physical limitations to certain movements, I may recommend a consult with a sports medicine specialist at Max Sports Medicine for an evaluation to resolve the issue and make sure the program doesn't make it worse. The assessment does not involve weigh-in, measurements or photos.
  4. Following the assessment, we discuss how to proceed (either ready for Team Training or one-on-one onboarding sessions to get you up to speed).
  5. The onboarding process involves one-on-one sessions with one of our trainers. I generally recommend 3 sessions per week (2 sessions per week is the minimum for appreciable results). Some participants are Team ready in a month, others take several months of onboarding. When the onboarding specialist feels you are Team ready, we start with one Team session per week (the rest one-on-one) and then progress to full Team participation ( up to 3 days per week). 
  6. It is absolutely essential that we bring you into the program at a level that best matches your abilities. Our top two priorities are injury prevention and your success in the program.




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      3440 Heritage Club Drive,
      Hilliard, OH 43026
      Phone: (614) 850 - 0070